How This Works.

Orders are by appointment only, and suits start at $3,300.
The 6-8 week process goes like this:

1. Meet & Measure

After a phone consultation to chat about your needs/desires/dreams, we meet with you in person and you get to make some choices. We guide you through your options, take your measurements, then send everything off to our factory in NYC.

2. Try-On Time

The next time you see your garment it’s typically a half-made shell (except the shirts, which are further along). We bring it to you and lay our discerning eyes on every detail to make sure it’s on the right track. Anything that needs tweaking will be marked, then back to the factory to be finished!

3. Fun Finale

Final buttonholes are stitched and hems pressed, and then you get your done duds. We love you for being our client, and you love us because now you know how clothing is supposed to feel – and what it’s like to look actually dashing.

Decisions,  Decisions.

Deciding on your garment’s details is usually just a matter of this or that. Peak lapel or notch. Single-breasted or double. Cuffs, pockets, and shirt collars work the same way.  You choose your cloth from swatches – wools, cashmeres, silks, and some blends – it’s some sumptuous stuff. Some cloths are rotated in and out by season, others always hang around.